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At Sun Valley Smile Designs we offer teeth whitening in Central Idaho for a wide variety of needs. We have found that most people would prefer to have whiter teeth. We have also found that many people who are looking for whitening treatments have incorrect information about the process, time involved, and cost. If you are one of the many that would be interested in a whiter, more attractive smile we can help.

Here are some facts that might help you with your decision:

  • The outer layer of your teeth, the enamel, is very hard, but also very porous. Over the years it picks up stains from things we eat and drink that get down into those pores.
  • The concentrated, professional whitening gel we use gets down into the pores, loosens up the compacted stains and deposits, and lifts them out of the porous enamel. This enables the natural white color of your teeth to shine through more effectively.
  • The whitening gel does NOT etch, strip, resurface or alter the physical make up of your enamel. Therefore, it is very safe.
  • The whitening gel is not harmful, as small amounts may even be swallowed without harming you.
  • Some people will experience some tooth sensitivity during the whitening process. However, it will go away after you have completed the whitening treatment.
  • The cost is very reasonable; in fact, if you contact us at Sun Valley Smile Designs, we can tell you about our Complimentary Lifetime Whitening Program.

There are two ways to professionally whiten your teeth:

At-home – This is done with take-home, custom-fitted whitening trays that we make for you from impressions of your teeth. We can usually get those trays to you the same day, along with tubes of a very effective concentrated whitening gel. We recommend placing the gel in the trays and then wearing them to bed overnight – for a few days, up to a week in most cases.

In-office whitening – This type of whitening is only available from dental offices. In-office power whitening is sometimes referred to as laser or Zoom Whitening. About two hours is required for this more immediate type of whitening. While in the comfort of our chair, a concentrated whitening gel is placed on your teeth and a special light is used to activate the photo-reactive gel. This whitens your teeth in the same way the take-home gel works, just faster (one hour), due to the light.

Our office offers both options to provide you with the right choice for you. We’re completely committed to helping you get the results you desire and the higher quality of life you deserve. In addition to our treatments, we also offer information and resources to help you maintain your teeth’s new whiter color.

Sun Valley Smile Designs offers the finest in cosmetic dentistry solutions to help you improve and enhance your teeth’s appearance. Whitening treatments are just one of our specialty services where we can assure you amazing results. Call us at 208-471-8770 to learn more about your many options and our Complimentary Lifetime Whitening Program.


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Did You Know...

That teeth naturally darken as we age? Certain foods, beverages, medications and habits can contribute to a darker, yellowed, or stained smile. However, it is possible to erase years of stains in a single professional whitening session and sustain those results for many years with proper maintenance. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, professional whitening is best maintained by a combination of good oral care and take-home whitening treatments, as recommended by your dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be a candidate for professional teeth whitening in Ketchum if you are experiencing discoloration, but otherwise have healthy teeth and healthy gums. Schedule a consultation with your dentist to find out if teeth whitening treatments could be right for you. Some patients, such as those who are pregnant or sensitive to whitening agents, may not be candidates for professional whitening.

Ketchum teeth whitening consists of a thorough cleaning and polishing of the teeth. With all debris carefully removed, your dentist will then protect your gums before applying a whitening agent to the surface of your teeth. The product will be activated and left on the teeth for several minutes before being washed off with water. Your results will vary according to the natural shade of your teeth and degree of discoloration, but it is normal for patients to experience a lightening of several shades in a single visit.

It is normal to experience some tooth sensitivity following a professional whitening treatment. You may be instructed to avoid consuming highly pigmented beverages for at least 24 hours to prevent the teeth from becoming stained again. Examples include tea, coffee and wine. Depending on your results and long-term teeth whitening goals, you may also be sent home from your procedure with an at-home whitening kit for later use.