Removable Dentures in Ketchum

It is always our goal to help you retain as many of your natural teeth as possible. In fact, it is possible to keep your teeth for a lifetime. However, if circumstances have left you with no teeth, or forced you to have your remaining teeth removed, we offer a procedure that can be a very good, viable alternative to no teeth at all. At Sun Valley Smile Designs, we offer a wide variety of dentures to fit your desires and needs.

Creating just the right fit, feel and look for you is indeed an art.

Some of the Artistic and Functional Criteria Dr. Calvert Uses to Create Your New Smile Are:

  • To make them look natural and not that too-perfect-to-be-real look
  • To be able to comfortably eat with them and have them stay in place
  • To be able to confidently speak with your new teeth and not have them clack against each other
  • To have them correctly fill out your facial features the way your natural teeth did
  • To size and place the teeth so they don't appear too large, long, fat, short, sunken or protruding
  • Dr. Calvert will custom create upper, lower or both dentures to meet your needs and to precision

Precision Attachment Dentures

If you prefer to have an appliance that can literally “snap” into your mouth, Dr. Calvert has the advanced techniques to create some amazing, very comfortable dentures that you will love. This specialty procedure has many variables to consider for the best fit and most natural appearance. Come see the many alternatives that can be created for you by Dr. Calvert at Sun Valley Smile Designs.


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Caring For Your Dentures

Your dentures are custom designed to fit your smile, but did you know that improperly caring for them can cause them to become distorted? Most removable dentures must maintain moisture to retain their shape. Be sure to wash them after eating, gently clean them once daily, and allow them to soak overnight in a denture soaking solution. This will keep your dentures clean and free of stains, which ultimately helps your smile look its best.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are missing one or more teeth and thinking of getting dentures in Ketchum, you will first need a professional consultation with a Ketchum dentist experienced in denture placement. During this time, you can explore your tooth prosthetic options, ask questions, and make a decision as to whether dentures are right for you.

If necessary, your gums will first be prepared so you can begin wearing dentures. If you need one or more teeth removed, the process could take a few months while you wait for your gums to heal from the extractions. An impression will then be taken of your gums and the supporting bones beneath the gum, which will be used to fabricate a complete or partial denture in a dental lab.

Once your dentures are ready, you can begin wearing them on a daily basis. Expect the first few weeks to be an adjustment period, during which time you will adapt to the feel of your new dentures, as well as learn how to manipulate your tongue and cheek muscles to keep them in place. You may also experience slight irritation or soreness from the initial denture wear, although this should subside after a few days or weeks.