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Root Canal Treatment in Ketchum

Sun Valley Smile Designs provide effective root canal therapy in Central Idaho- also known as endodontic treatment. When you have a toothache, swelling or an abscessed tooth, it usually means you have an infected tooth. The treatment for providing you relief in this circumstance is a simple procedure. In such cases, you need to undergo endodontic therapy to resolve the problem while maintaining the use of your natural tooth. Extractions, while they may solve the problem of the pain in the short term, result in the loss of your tooth, requiring a more invasive and costly tooth replacement later.

People often believe that this type of therapy is painful. This is usually due to misconceptions regarding the nature of the procedure. Dr. John Calvert can assure you that with his advanced training you will be comfortable and undergo no pain as your tooth is being treated. The affected area will be completely numbed before the procedure begins. Once the procedure is complete, the affected area of the tooth will no longer be painful and will be able to heal. Your tooth will then be restored with a crown for strength and stability. If you need treatment for an infected tooth in Ketchum, Dr. Calvert is specially trained and has many years of experience in working with patients needing a root canal procedure.

A Tooth Can Become Infected Due to Various Causes:

  1. Tooth decay – As we all know, lack of proper oral hygiene can result in tooth decay. If this decay is not found and halted in time, it will find its way deeper into the tooth. Then, unfortunately, it will eventually reach the nerve and you will experience pain and be in need of endodontic therapy.
  2. Tooth fracture – Your tooth can become fractured or cracked, sometimes without any symptoms. This usually occurs due to bruxism, which is the clenching or grinding of your teeth at night while you sleep. A simple tiny crack can allow bacteria into the tooth, causing decay and the same result as above. A crack can also extend deep enough into the tooth exposing the pulp of the tooth, which contains the nerve, causing it to become infected.
  3. Tooth trauma – This can occur from acute contact against the tooth (such as an accident), the type of trauma that occurs from repeatedly subjecting the tooth to bruxism, biting on hard food/objects and drinking hot liquids. This trauma can cause the delicate nerve inside the tooth to become overly inflamed and then painful.

If left untreated, a damaged tooth without any attention or repairs can turn into a painful abscess. The pain can become unbearable and the infection can spread to not only other teeth, but also other areas of the face and sinuses.

You can be assured that with Dr. Calvert’s expertise and gentle care, you will receive the highest level of treatment available. At Sun Valley Smile Designs, our comfortable office and caring helpful staff will help your visit to be pleasant and expedient.

Sun Valley Smile Designs is completely committed to your overall dental health. Call us at 208-471-8770 and set an appointment today.


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Many Patients Associate Root Canals with Pain and Discomfort

Advancements in modern dentistry and having a highly skilled dentist can made root canal treatment painless and no different than getting a standard filling. Upon completion with a crown, a restored tooth that has undergone a root canal will blend in with the surrounding teeth – virtually undetectable to the average eye. More than 98% of  Ketchum root canal procedures are successful, and most treatments last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

You could be a candidate for a root canal if decay or damage has allowed bacteria to infect the pulp inside your tooth. A root canal could also be the right treatment for you if you prefer to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible rather that resorting to extraction. For more information about root canals in Ketchum and whether they are right for you, schedule a dental exam and consultation at your earliest convenience.

If you decide to undergo a root canal, the first step in your procedure will involve a local anesthetic. Once your tooth root is numb, the diseased portion of your tooth pulp will be removed and then treated for bacterial infection. The tooth will then be sealed and filled before being restored with a crown.

It is normal for teeth to be pressure sensitive after a root canal procedure, due to the inflammation that was present from the original infection. This usually subsides in a matter of days. However, normal brushing and flossing habits can be resumed immediately after treatment and restoration is complete.