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Comfort Menu

It is our goal to go out of our way to make every visit a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you and your family. Below is a copy of the Comfort Menu that you will be provided on each visit to our office as our way to show that you are special and allow you to custom design your visit to your own comfort.


Sun Valley Smile Designs Comfort Menu

We would like to offer a few complimentary choices to make your visit more comfortable. Please check the items you would like.

Name __________________________

___ Ipod Music   It would be our pleasure to set the Ipod to the kind of music you prefer. Please circle one:        Pop          Rock         Country             Today’s Music          Classical         Christian         Easy Listening         Spa         Mix      

___ Blanket


___ Neck Pillow (Soft)


___ Neck Pillow (Warming, soothing)


___ Aromatherapy (Selections in room)


___Nitrous Oxide


___Eye Shades (blocks the bright dental light)


___Small Bottled Cold Water

We welcome any suggestions how we can make your visit even better



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