If you have headaches, to what do you attribute them? Are they frequently bad enough to disrupt the flow of your daily activities? Have you tried medication, but nothing seems to work? Would you like to stop taking headache pain medications? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, your problem may be caused by an oral health condition called ‘occlusal disease.’ Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from this condition and you may be one of them. At Sun Valley Smile Designs, we specialize in headache treatment for Central Idaho- particularly headaches that may be caused by dental issues.

Now, how about a money-back guarantee?

Most people tend to associate chronic headaches with allergies, sinuses, eye strain, or stress. In many cases, they can even be considered migraines. About 85% of all headaches are caused by strained or stressed jaw muscles that run up and down the sides of your face and neck, even the back of the neck. Dr. John Calvert has had extensive, advanced training in this area, and after treating thousands of cases can make an unprecedented guarantee. If you suffer from headaches and Dr. Calvert determines you could benefit from his specialized treatment, here is his guarantee to you. If, after completing phase one of a two-phase treatment, your headaches haven’t been substantially reduced, if not eliminated, you will receive a refund for the treatment you have paid for. That’s a money back guarantee. Your headaches will at least decrease, and often go away, or you will leave with your money back!

Are you ready to eliminate those bothersome headaches?

If you have been to different health care professionals and the problem still persists, give us a call and find relief.

Our office provides effective treatment for occlusal disease, temporomandibular joint disorder, and other maxillofacial problems. We have been changing the lives of our patients for over 30 years. Let us change your life for the better. If your headaches are causing physical, mental, and emotional stress, call our office right away. The results will surprise you and dramatically improve the quality of your life.
Sun Valley Smile Designs and Dr. Calvert have the expertise for all your dental needs. Call us now at 208-471-8770. Early intervention is the key to getting the quality of life you deserve.


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