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How to Tell if You Have Sleep Apnea

One chronic, potentially life threatening condition that can greatly affect your quality of life is sleep apnea. This is a sleep related breathing disorder that affects millions of people, characterized by pauses or lapses in breathing during sleep. With sleep apnea, a person often will awaken during the night, many times gasping for air due […]

Chronic Headaches and other Symptoms of Malocclusion

Lately, you’ve been suffering from chronic headaches. You’ve tried to figure out if it is due to stress, tension or just eye strain. The nagging headache is coupled with pain in the jaw area and an uncomfortable bite that disturbs you every now and then. A visit to your Ketchum dentist confirms that your headaches […]

Headaches and Your Teeth!! Is There a Connection??

More than 45 million Americans suffer from headaches ranging from the type that are daily tension to head busting migraines, but few ever think to seek help from their dentist.

Sun Valley Dentist

Welcome to the blog of Sun Valley dentist, Dr. John F. Calvert. Our goal is to use this blog as a means of connecting with the local community and becoming the premier resource for information about your oral health and wellness. We believe that patient education is essential for establishing positive oral habits and a […]

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